Take a step off the back of the frogman and my body slices through the surface of the water like a knife through butter. The temperature of the sea that I am now submerged in yields no protest from my body. The ground is a long way from my feet yet I float in suspension, like bobbing apples which do not fall upon Newton’s head.

I’m at the gates of another world.

Left finger hovers above the trigger as my eyes fixed upon the gradually rotating right hand of the dive instructor, fists clenched, thumbs up. I inhale a farewell breath of this world I am leaving. Pull the trigger. Release the air within the buoyancy control device, empty my lungs of the logic of the other world.

Enter another world.

Enter the sea that washes away the noises in the other world. Listen to the sea, the initial silence in its embrace. Enter the sea that erases the things of the other world with blue, a pure azure blueness. Enter the sea that erases gravity and weight. Light as a feather I drift multiple feet above the sea ground.

Enter a whole new world.

Gone are words, sentences, exclamations. Language and communication systems in the brain, they are irrelevant in this world now. Retire to the backseat and doze off quietly as I cruise along. Awaken my primal instincts to swim alongside the rawest of my emotions. In another world, they will be described as “awe”, “wonder” and “amazement”. In this world, all that I am, suspended within the embrace of the ocean becomes an embodiment of the essence of these feelings, a flashing light the hands cannot attempt to grab.

Sea creatures! Oh, how I wish I had half the amount of grace they exhibit as they navigate through the corals and the undulating terrains. It’s a different set of laws governing this world now. It is as if our human time has been slowed down 50%. Despite my weightlessness, speed eluded me. I bet the fishes regarded us as complex seaweed, without a consciousness strong enough to be awarded the strength of movement.

I don’t belong to this new world.

A jolt to remind me of my belonging to the other world. The gas tank is running low as the needle crept leftward and gradually entered the “red zone”. My gates to the the world beneath the waves are inching their way to a close. It’s time to make our way out through the gradually diminishing slip of a window.

Welcome back to the real world.

A cacophonous symphony of noise penetrates the ears as they empty themselves of the sea. How loud and obnoxious. The skies are overcast and tremendously grey, a stark contrast to the purest of blue that had been the backdrop of the other world. Time to get back up onto the frogman.

This is my world.

It’s 11:06PM. Seated in front of my laptop, the night is dark and nothing around me seems alive or pure, save for my trusty portable fan swiveling on its axis.

I am glad that with every world I visit, I can always take a mental trip back through the gates and into the weightlessness of it all, just to escape the less interesting reality that confronts me.


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