Best People

I’m at that strange phase of neither being a girl, nor a woman.

An awkward transitional stage when I am walking on the shape shifting sand dunes of standards and expectations. The arid air has sand grains in my eyes as I fumbled around, down on my four limbs, feeling the ground give way everywhere I held down.

As vast as this desert I am treading may be, I know there are oases abound to rejuvenate me upon this journey.

The best kind of people in the world are those with a hunger for adventure. These are people who stretch up their arms wide open to embrace the sand storms with smiles on their faces, grinning the the face of uncertainty and pain.

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These are the people who hold your eyes open with their gentle hands, caressing your sand crusted eyelids until they all fall away and to reveal the goodness in life. They are the cool water trickling down your head, reviving you from the sun-induced coma you are lost in.

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They remind you that as these sand dunes shift, grab a surfboard and ride atop the waves. What a marvellous feeling it will be. It sure beats sitting in a pile, crying over what was lost and gone. They remind you that while you may not know what you are doing, if your compass points you to the right direction, we have to try and enjoy the moment we are in. Fall in the most graceless way possible, pick yourself up and do it all over again.

Processed with VSCO

And one day, we will be side-by-side, holding hands, riding the sand waves into our golden sunset.

I love you Melanie. xo


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