Green Corridor Run

Year 2016. The last Green Corridor Run of its kind before the space is closed to make way for the construction of the Murnane pipeline to “meet future demands for water”. Do we consume so much water that we need to kill off part of our natural heritage in order to meet our current needs?

Humans are drawn to the sentiments of “the first” and “the last”. When sensing that endings are drawing near, a disproportionate amount of value are ascribed to ordinary places or events. This run drew a crowd of 11,000 individuals. It was certainly difficult to breathe.

My first trail run. It was refreshing navigating uneven, muddy and rocky grounds. It was slightly too crowded for my liking and the humidity of the jungle made it literally difficult to breathe properly.

At the moment where I tripped and sustained heart skipping almost falls, I hated trail running. My ankles were getting butchered, with the periodic and sporadic twisting as I accidentally kicked protruding rocks fastened hard to the ground.

But as I sit here typing, I realised I’ve really enjoyed getting drenched in my own sweat while being shaded from the scorching suns by the canopy of leaves. It was certainly more interesting having to maneuver natural obstacles, as compared to road running where I tend to lapse into my own daydreams and become absolutely detached from the present moment (the pain, the exertion too).

2016-03-06 08.10.19


Didn’t do as well as I’ve expected myself to but I’m going to forgive myself since this is my first run on unforgiving terrains. Will definitely train hard and get a better timing next time!

Screen Shot 03-07-16 at 09.42 AM


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