Old is Gold

I almost feel like my old self again nowadays.

Some emotions I have forgotten as I got lost within the dense thicket of my head last year:

The light tickle in my heart when I see message notifications from my closest, beloved friends on my phone first thing when I awake at dawn. The light giddy floating feeling in my skull when I push the limits of my physical capacities in Capoeira. The weightlessness in my bones when I’m the middle of that roda just moving around freely. The refreshing cool breeze on my arms as I stroll out of the gym with my good friend in stride, both aching from a satisfactory work out session. The little orchestra that plays in my head when I crack jokes and put a smile on another human’s face. The slight ache in my heart when I miss a man I haven’t seen in a month and the instantaneous relief when he came strolling through the double framed door.

My psychiatrist is probably going to increase the dosage of my medication the next time I visit. I hope I will still continue to feel what normal feels like after that happens.


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