an actual love letter

Written in 2013,

to the boy I didn’t have the courage to send this letter to:

Flowers at the vineyard (Napa Valley, Dec 2015)

You may find it very strange to receive this letter from me because firstly no one writes letters anymore secondly, we’ve only been briefly acquainted and you can’t think of any reasons that would device the need for this document.

Upon your receipt of this letter, I would probably have spent a month mustering up the courage to send it out.

I want to confess that I am deeply attracted to you. I think you are a handsome man possessing sexy intellect and deep thoughts. Getting to know of your existence was such a blessing because I believe someone like you are occurrences as rare as lightning balls captured on film and hence highly treasured by me.

In a totally non-creepy way, you’ve been in my thoughts for a while and the more I dwelled upon the notion of you, the more I find myself liking you. And the greater you appealed to me, the more I’ve allowed the notion of you to fill up my thoughts. It’s a vicious cycle.

It had come to a point when I become so highly frustrated by my lack of knowledge as to how to deal with this highly self-detrimental situation and then I’ve decided to lay my heart bare upon this paper and let you know.

I believe that I truly like you and I want to get to know you better, instead of merely dwelling upon the notion of you. I understand that there may be a confluence of factors which may either propel or skew your decision regarding the situation, in or against my favour and hence do not view this as an obligation to concede.

I shall anticipate your reply regardless of the choice you will make. It would be perfectly alright to reply with a “Nope… just Chuck Testa” because any reply would be better for my existing mental state than no reply at all.


So an update about how our relationship has developed since I did nothing to pursue it: We are currently acquaintances. I’ve worked on his personal project with him, having signed up for the committee without knowledge of the fact that he was the initiator of it all. He was really cool to work with and also very professional.


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