Sun, beach, sand

Can I get paid to be a beach bum?

It’s the end of another major chapter in my life. My six-month internship at Viddsee. I’ll dedicate another post to it.

I’ve always gazed upon the perfect sunny skies with envy as I made my way to my comfortable, air-conditioned office space, wishing I could allow my pale skin to absorb some of that vitamin D. The desire was amplified after the forest fire induced haze from Indonesia finally swept over the island, giving way to clear blue skies. How I wanted to just tear my clothes off and bask in the sunshine.


The first post internship Monday, I made a beeline for one of my favourite places in Singapore, Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. Much to my delight, the tourist crowd was decent on this beautiful week day.

The train took me to Beach Station where I alighted and walked to the beach. I felt a stab of nostalgia as I gazed upon the construction sites scattered along the beach, thinking about the good old days of happy family outings as well as my favourite windowless monorails.

I miss the old stuff and can’t help feeling annoyed by Singapore’s constant need to modernize themselves, while branding the things demolished as “landmarks” or “icons”. Why do you do this shit?


I set up camp at one of my favourite spots beneath a rock. The beach towel is positioned to be completely exposed to my old friend, the sun. It is where I will lay to bake myself into a crispy brown, as I flipped myself over on both sides periodically.

So I lay there on the warm sand after stripping down to my bikini. It is an almost meditative experience as the heat permeated almost every inch of my being. Maybe that’s how frogs feel when they are being boiled in pots by sick human scientists.


It was a therapeutic cycle of tanning the front of my body and then flipping over to the back. Thereafter, the feeling the pain from self inflicted first-degree burns creeps in, coupled with a mounting frustration over the ridiculous amount of sand which have made it onto the blanket. This signifies a time to take a dip in the ocean, daring myself to swim out to the end of the swim zone before chickening out as my mind filled up with thoughts about sea monsters determined to drown me.

10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

My brain started to warn me about the horrors of skin cancer under the scorching afternoon sun. I wanted to pretend that I was a lazy fishermen who have to be out at sea. The imaginary skin cancer symptoms got too scary for me and hence I packed my bags and go.

It was a really nice outing to the beach I’ve had. I hope I get to do this again before I fly off to the States and become a depressing pale again thanks to winter. That’s the reason why I am in LOVE with summer and absolutely loathe winter.


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